Welcome to our Infant Room!

Welcome to our infant room! We look forward to helping your child grow and develop. Your baby will achieve many milestones from now until 18 months of age. Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking and talking are just a few things for you to expect. The dreaded teething will occur during this time of your baby’s life as well. Please keep us informed of developmental milestones your baby does at home so we can be prepared.
The activities we plan each day encompass quite a variety to meet your child’s needs and development. We go outside each day (weather permitting).

Sometimes for a walk in the stroller and sometimes in our play yard.
Please dress your baby comfortable each day. All babies should have shoes each day as well. If your baby is under 12 months old, you will need to pack a diaper bag each day to carry your diapers, wipes, extra clothes, blanket and bottles each day. Please keep your bag stocked and label everything, including bottles, with first and last name. All bottles must be pre-made at home. Nursing Mom’s are always welcome to come in to feed your baby if you desire. We will find a quiet cozy spot for you and your little one. All babies are placed on their back in a crib to sleep. No baby is permitted to sleep any where else but a crib and we are not permitted to use a wedge or prop mattress up. Pacifies after 3 months of age are discouraged as they are no longer needed for sucking but are becoming a habit and can be detrimental to emerging teeth.

For babies 12-18 months of age, a cubby is provided to keep diapers, wipes, change of clothes and blanket in the class room. Bottles are no longer needed as your baby will begin using a sippy cup and drinking whole milk. Your baby will now sleep on a mat instead of a crib.
Meals (not Formula) are provided by Candy Land. A menu has been specially designed for your baby’s age by Candy Land, CACFP and the American Pediatric Association. It is recommended that infants 0-3 months eat only formula. Infants 4-8 months old are introduced to vegetables. Infants 8-12 months are introduced to fruits & proteins and infants 12-18 months are ready for our monthly menu that the rest of the children at Candy Land enjoy each day. All our food is homemade from fresh foods. Please ask for a copy of the menu for your baby’s age and be sure to let us know what your baby can and cannot eat.
Diapers are checked &/or changed approximately every two hours or more as needed. Generally after breakfast, after lunch, after naps and then again around 4:30. Please, always bring your child to care in a clean diaper.

Please hand teachers all medications and diaper ointments. These may not be stored in diaper bags for safety reasons. All oral, inhaled or prescription medications must be accompanied with a special form filled out by your pediatrician. If you need one of these forms, please ask!
When you baby reaches 18 months of age, he or she will begin visiting the Toddler room. This will aide in a smooth transition for your child.
Please view our bulletin board regularly and read our monthly news letter for Day Care information. “My Day” sheets are sent home each day to inform you about your baby’s day. If you ever have any questions, concerns, compliments or complaints we want to here from you! Feel free to discuss anything with the teachers or directors at any time.

Thank you for choosing Candy Land Day Care and welcome to our infant room!