Welcome to our Toddler Room!

We look forward to helping your child grow and develop. From 18-36 months, your child will achieve many milestones. Language skills will increase, the desire for independence will begin and social skills will develop. Be prepared for some ups and downs during this time of your child’s life… they are normal!


The activities we plan each day encompass quite a variety to meet your child’s needs and development. We go outside each day (weather permitting) so please dress your child accordingly. No laced shoes or boots. Only velcro is permitted and socks and sneakers are a must each day. A pair of fitted slippers are also needed for indoor play. These will be kept here in our shoe cubby. Your child will also need an art smock, small pillow and blanket, full change of clothes, diapers and wipes. All these items will be kept in your child’s cubby. A book bag and folder are necessary to transport news letters, calendars, art work & 63986soiled clothing. It also helps your child feel important to carry it! Please remember that book bags are within the reach of children. Do not send anything that may be harmful such as medications, food or small items that can be a choking hazard. All medications, diaper creams, ointments must be labeled and handed to the teacher. All medications must be accompanied by a physician form. Please ask if you should need one of these forms.

Your child will begin drinking from a small cup. No more sippy cups… yea! They are also encouraged to use eating utensil (spoon & fork). We ask that you do the same at home. Children under two years of age will still be served whole milk. A specially prepared monthly menu is served to the children and is posted in the hall for your viewing. We also practice table manners and sometimes we have family style meals where the children pass the bowls of food and prepare their own plate!

Your child will also sit on our little toilet with diaper changes! This is the best time to introduce “potty training”. Diapers are checked &/or changed approximately every two hours or more as needed. Generally after breakfast, after lunch, after naps and then again around 4:30.  Please, always bring your child to care in a clean diaper. When your child graduates to underwear, please send in several changes of clothes. Remember to choose clothing that your child can put on & off with ease by him/her self. Set him/her up for success!6398063983

Please avoid carrying your child to class. Encourage him/her to walk while holding your hand. Allow your child time to remove his/her own shoes or coat. This age loves independence! Read your child’s My Day sheet everyday and get involved with your child’s education now! Please view our bulletin board regularly and read our monthly news letter for Day Care information. If you ever have any questions, concerns, compliments or complaints we want to here from you! Feel free to discuss anything with the teachers or directors at any time.

Thank you for choosing Candy Land Day Care and welcome to our Toddler room!